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The Athenscope Cultural Organization aims to bring together a group of artists, teachers, and scientists, with the main and primary purpose of cultivating, researching, studying, promoting, both domestically and internationally, the hallmarks of the characteristics and values of Greek culture, as they appear from antiquity to the present day. We envision thus to form a contemporary and innovative pole of truly open education and access to culture.

Our focus is on those cultural elements that survive in artistic and intellectual production, musical tradition, dance, architecture, folk and word art, literature, (literature, philosophy, religion, mythology), archeology and history of the eastern Mediterranean region.

Naturally, our basis is Athens, one of the first and most influential centers of development of the cultural elements that have shaped culture worldwide. The birthplace of democracy, theater, the nurturer of poetry, arts, sciences and philosophy. This is Athens: A fundamental hub of education and sivilization but also a city that develops for more than 5 millenia until today. This is for us the signifier, the element that defines the oecumenical character and symbolism of the city, and determines potentially its currennt role, its importance to us from then, to today and to the future.