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Demetrios Karalis is a historian, archaeologist, musician and theatermaker. His main objects of interest are history, the ancient greek drama, philosophy, mythology and the musical tradition of the eastern Mediteranean.

He has worked in education of all levels for over ten years. Since 2012 he has been involved in the educational walk with a vision to highlight the history and culture of Athens.

Sofia Alexiou is an educator-philologist, graduate of the School of Philosophy in Athens, Department of Philosophy, Pedagogy and Psychology with a major in Psychology. She has taught at various levels of education in the past and in recent years has been working as a columnist-journalist for newspapers, magazines, websites, TV shows and NPOs for children. 

At deBop you will also find her Mom And The City blog where she records ideas for travels, walks, creative activities both indoors and outdoors etc. Her favorite interests are Greek mythology, history, exploring and mapping the city and the organization and implementation of educational programs for children. 

Ellie and Hermes’ travels in Greece by Psychogios publications is her first book but also the first ever travel guide written for children! Her dream is to take us on a journey with Ellie and Hermes through the ancient Greek culture and its beauties, the monuments and invaluable treasures found all over Greece! Let the journeys continue!