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athenscope culture walks. a few words

Demetrios Karalis has designed and offered the walking tours of the city sightseeing Athens since 2013.

These walking tours (“the origins of democracy” and “the secrets of the parthenon“) gained fame and respect and have had excellent reviews on tripadvisor etc. The response of the people who joined the tours was the main reason that they survived and thrived, and that is what gave us the motivation to keep up with the hard work.

The Walks


Who was Socrates and why did he die?

Who are the Greek Gods and what is their true power?

Is democracy a good thing? What would the Athenians say about our democracies?

What is the well hidden secret treasure of Athens?

An entertaing yet insightful tragic/comic and witty walking lecture performance that takes us to the origin of the athenian philosophy, religion, and democracy! Stand were the first (and last) democrats stood and put democracy to the test! 

Duration 2 and 1/2 hours. With the necessary stops for contemplation, photos, and drinks (b.y.o.b.).


What is the Parthenon really? Why is it beautifull? Why was it built? What is its function?

What is the meaning of Athens? What is the purpose of the Marathon race? What is the true riddle of the Sphinx?

Was Alexander the great a conqueror or a visionary?

This  walking lecture performance is about the inner meaning of the Athenian civilization, and the great athenian monuments like the Acropolis and the Parthenon, the Athenian agora, the Roman agora, Hadrians library, Mars Hill and the heart of Plaka.

The duration is about three and a half hours including the neseccary pauses for relaxation, respiration, and mental preparation.

Instructions for filling out the form:

  • Fill in the information requested by the form.
  • In the message section, inform us about the walk you are interested in, as well as the number of persons.
  • In case of cancellation please inform us as soon as possible.
  • Please wait for our answer to confirm your reservation, as well as further details for your participation.