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Secrets of the Parthenon and the ridle of Plaka

This Free walking lecture performance is a massive saga, about the inner meaning of the heart of Athenian civilization. What is the parhtenon, the meaning of beauty, the dawn of jusice, the creation of global politics, the true riddle of the sphinx, and the hidden message of Plaka!! All delivered with performing passion, bitter humor, academic authority, and poetic insight.

The walk passes through and around the historical city center of Athens. The duration is about three and a half hours including the neseccary pauses for relaxation, respiration, and mental preparation.

The tour is delivered in fluent English.

Please pack a snack, a cooling beverage, put your walking shoes, hat and suncreeen on -as we must respect the omnipotent Athenian Sun and the sacred land of Attica. Always.